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8 secret features of HBO Go and HBO now.

Today, we are going to discuss the 8 secret features of HBO Go and now which you can use in your browser or on your media streaming players like Roku and Chromecast. You must read these secrets if you are not aware of them.

  1. Activate kids lock: Do you want to restrict your kids from watching the oft-orgiastic world of Westeros? If yes, then HBO is there to understand your problem. You can allow or block any episode on HBO according to your choice by using ‘Kids Lock’ function on the mobile device. The number of shows available for viewing will be confined to the kid’s section only. With this, function parents can hand over their phones to kids without any fear.

To enable this function, you need to click on the menu given on the left-hand side of the corner. Click on ‘Lock icon’ given at the top of the screen. If you are enabling the lock for the first time, then you may be prompted to set lock code of four digits. If you have already signed up on the Lock section, then simply enter the four-digit code.

  1. Watch from your browser: You know that you can access both and now from different OTT and mobile apps. Apart from this, you can also search for content from your web browser by just signing onto HBO from it. Just type or  Here, you can continue watching shows from the watch list you had opened earlier.
  2. Continue watching the same platform: HBO is offering you a multi-platform for watching the content. You can open the watch list which you have saved earlier and click on ‘Continue’ button to continue watching the paused show or episode. You can pick any show regardless of platform.
  3. Parental controls: If you find Kids lock function doesn’t satisfy your requirement, then you can go for parental controls which can take you to the next security level. You can limit the maximum ratings which you need to be accessed anywhere from the app.

If you are using HBO now, click on the upper right corner followed by ‘Parental controls’. Select rating to the maximum permissible level. Don’t forget to enter four digit pin for kids lock.

  1. Share your HBO login: If you don’t have an account on hbo go activation or not having any streaming player, then there is nothing to worry, you can access HBO with your friend’s login to watch your favorite program. This has been revealed by CEO of HBO. According to the HBO officials, you can share your login credentials with the members in your household and provide access to the shows and movies.
  2. Video playback options: If you use monthly data limit for streaming the shows, then this feature is for you. To set your playback limit to Wi-Fi, go to the settings then click on ‘Playback’. Click on network data usage and toggle it to Wi-Fi.
  3. See cast, crew, and extras: Alike Amazon video X-ray feature, hbogo com activate users can get details of cast and crew team from videos extras. From the app, go to subhead. You will find rating or arrow in the space provided. This will take you to the video pre-page. Here you can check the cast and crew information as well as videos behind the scenes.
  4. What’s going on right now: HBO has now started following Netflix business model. The user will have to go through the Netflix model in which they have shown agreements similar to HBO which the company has with content makers and studios.

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