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About Us

May it be our personal life, or the professional one, we revolve around a world of gadgets and softwares for all our needs. From processing business transactions to buying grocery, we have an app for everything, and a gadget to help us do the same in our pocket, or at our home. Once we get that device, we are also sure about the mantainence requirements that are going to show up in the near future.  We need to keep our devices updated and mantained, to keep them working, and if, in case, they start to give any sort of trouble, troubleshoot them right away.
The first troubleshooting option is to look for the manuals that came with the device, and finding and corelating the problems, and applying the potential solution provided. When this does not work out, we tend to look for the manufacturer’s customer support baseline, which is generally overoccupied and makes you weight for hours to finally help you fix your problem.

We, at technicalbulls have a team of highly experienced and higly qualified technicians, who are willing to help you out, on priority basis! With no calling queues, and no call transfers, you directly talk to the person, who is going to help you fix the problem. If you find yourself to be technically noob, you need not worry, because our engineers are well trained to understand and explain the most complex technical terms in a proficient easy manner.

All our Engineers go through an intensive training process, at our headquarters located in Frisco, where they get familiar with all the problem solving procedures for your devices. We are a third party technical support organization, but most of our team members are Ex-employees of the manufacturer support base, and have come joined us now.

Our team  believes in:

    •    Proficient problem understanding
    •    Providing the easiest and the most effective solution
    •    No trips to the service centers
    •    Happiness and Satisfaction for the customer

We require regular feedbacks from your side to keep ourselves up to the mark, and that is why we will ask you again and again, after your problem has been solved.