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Block Ads From Hulu Plus, YouTube, And Pandora In Io7 Through Easy Steps

Have ever tried to find out similarity among Hulu Plus, Pandora, and YouTube? It is the Ads and lot more things. Watching a couple of ads is not an issue, but if you are bombarded with a cascade of ads while watching something on devices, then your device may start working slowly from its usual speed and the performance of your device will get affected. You might even consider deleting it.

But, you will be glad to hear that you can avoid these ads using ad blockers. Yes, it must be remembered that this method will work only in case of jailbroken devices. If the device is not unlocked, then we are sorry. You will not find such ad blockers on your iPhone app store. There is a number of 3rd party browsers that support ad blocking. No ads can be blocked on ‘By default’ installed a search engine.

There is an application named ‘Weblock’ for iOS, which enable the users to block the unwanted content online which are in the form of Banner ads, Popups, Statistics and so on.

Apart from this, you can also block apps like Twitter, Google plus and facebook through this app. This will help you in protecting the personal information stored on your device. If you are facing ad problem on Hulu Plus Account Login , Pandora or YouTube, then you can make use of this ad blocking app and enjoy the content seamlessly.

How to block ads in iOS 7 through web lock:

In order to block the ads through web lock, you need to first download and install the app in your device and then configure it into the required ad servers. It will start blocking the ads thereafter. You can check from Ad Servers.

But, after this, you will not go to see any ad that is blocked as of now. Tap on the three lines given on the top left of the screen and check by clicking on ‘Setup’. You will get an information on the screen related to the type of settings and proxy URL.

Open ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Wifi’. From here, you need to select ‘Wi-Fi network’. Don’t forget to set the Proxy to ‘Auto’ mode. Paste the link in the space provided and restart your smartphone.

How to Block ads in Hulu Plus and Pandora?

If you are searching for blocking an ad on Hulu Plus or Pandora, then click on ‘Block Hulu ads’ and Block Pandora ads. You must ensure that checkbox corresponding to the relative apps must be checked. Restart both the apps and your device.

In Hulu+, you will now find a blank screen in place of ads. If you want to skip this, you can do so manually by skipping the ads from the scene.

A good number of times, you will find ads blocked on the screen due to bugs available in Hulu ad blocker. In such cases, it is recommended to force close the app and open it again. This will refresh the memory of your app.

Block advertisements on YouTube App

You can block ads on YouTube quite easily but can’t enable it. There are plenty of users who have tried to block the ad on their own but find a problem in doing it, so they started using Web lock to block the ads.

So, if you want to block the ads on YouTube, then you can use the same app on it.


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