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Enable HBO GO ‘Auto play’ option on Apple TV

HBO on apple tv

You might be aware of the thing that in order to enjoy the services through HBO Go, you have to require HBO activate code periodically otherwise the services may be discontinued for short time period. The link to activate the HBO Go service is HBOGO com activate. On this link, you will find the space for entering the activation code.

As we know that HBO Go has inbuilt auto-play feature for some devices. Apple TV is one of it. This feature allows you to sit back relax and saves your time from controlling and playing the contents. You don’t need to do anything after enabling this feature. One of the major disadvantages of using this feature is that; the service will get affected with a phone call if picked on your phone. The contents will stop playing or may get disrupted for a short while.

HBO Go activate is boat loaded with lots of amazing features and functionalities. You can use fast forward and rewind options available in the app to control the contents. If you want to watch the highlights of a program or want to change the angle of viewing, then you can do so with the app. Apart from this, another amazing feature of HBO streaming service is that you can enable subtitles on your device.

All these functionalities directly depended on the internet connection. If there is a high-speed network, then you can enjoy any video of any quality on your TV but on the other hand, if the network speed is poor, then you will get buffering issue in high-quality videos. To start playing the contents through HBO enabled device, you need to go to HBO GO activate device link. This will connect your device to the HBO servers and you can playback the contents smoothly without any problem. If you want to download the videos in your player, then download the 5K player and start browsing the videos of your choice. Download them directly from the link given along with it.

If you are encountering a problem with your Apple TV, then there are two options for you to troubleshoot the problem.

One way is to play the contents through 5K player after bypassing the Apple TV. It’s a type of drive which helps in smoother and faster playback of contents. For more information related to this, you can contact at HBO support number.

If the problem is still annoying you, then restart all the devices related to HBO app, Apple TV, 5K player and the app itself.

Deactivate the app and clear the cache from the Apple TV. To clear the previous files and cache from the device memory, just press the home button on TV for 10 seconds.

Restart the TV and try activating the HBO app again.

Switch off the modem and the router. Switch it on after a gap of 15 seconds.

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Step 1: Download the helper tool of HBO Go app on your PC. For any support and information, go to HBO Go help link.

Step 2: Press the Airplay button and select the device from the top of the screen.

You must check that your computer and Apple TV is connected to the same internet. You can use your Home Wi-Fi network for connecting the devices.

Step 3: Click to load the contents once the connection gets established. The contents will start playing automatically.

Note: In Airplay mode, the formats mainly supported by it include MP4, MOV, MP3, AAC, and WAV. If you are using an Apple product, then you can use ‘mirroring’ function to cast the contents on the screen.

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