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How To Activate And Deactivate HBO Channel On 2nd Generation Apple TV?

HBO GO Activate

If we talk of earlier days, then it was impossible for wireless network users to enjoy HBO com activate on their Apple device because the above said channel was not at all supported by the Apple device and other networks. But now with the advancement of technology and users, the same is available on Apple device as HBO go activate network has done a partnership with the Apple TV to provide the contents on it without any condition. You don’t need to rely on others TV to get live contents from HBO live anymore. You are given the option to enjoy the contents of your TV only.

All the apple 2nd and 3rd generation apple users can now enjoy HBO now on their device without any hassle. We want to mention here that you need an activation of service in order to enjoy the services on your device. If you want to get  streaming service, then you require activation. The steps for activation and deactivation of HBO channel are given below. If you want to take support from our executives, then you can take it without feeling any hesitation by calling at HBO go help and support number.

Process for activation of service on Apple TV:

  • Open the App on your Apple TV by clicking on the icon given on the home screen of your device.
  • Go to ‘Settings’ from the menu.
  • Click on ‘Activate a device’ to fetch the activation code for the particular The activation process may take some time so you don’t need to worry about it.
  • Turn on the PC and open the HBO GO link on the browser. Here you will find an option like ‘HBO GO activate device’. Click on this option and search for the device from the list of devices. Once the device gets selected, send the request for activation. You will get activation code on the screen of your computer.
  • Choose the TV provider from the list. You will find this list on the screen after clicking on the TV provider list option. Enter the name and password in the box. If the login credentials are not known to you, call your TV service provider.
  • Check whether the TV provider supports HBO service or not. If you find that your TV service provider doesn’t support HBO service, you can call at  number and ask them in this regard. You can also send a query mail on ‘Why HBO not available on my TV provider’.
  • Enter the activation code if your device supports HBO service.
  • You will get ‘Success’ message on the screen.
  • You can start watching the channel now.

Important: The service request which you send for the activation code is valid for a temporary time period only and the code will get expired after it. If you fail or couldn’t enter the code in the stipulated time period it will become invalid. In such case, you need to register a request again for the new activation code. You can call at activate and support number as well.

Process for deactivation of service on Apple 2nd and 3rd generation TV

  • Open the HBO app from the TV menu and select ‘Settings’ from the menu.
  • Tap on ‘Deactivate’ option.

Apart from this, we want to give an important information here that if you want to give your Apple device to someone and don’t want to provide the activation code to him, then you can do so by simply calling at our number or by sending the mail to the HBO GO official team. They will block the channel at once.

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