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Home » How to activate and deactivate Hbogo on Fire TV stick or Amazon fire TV?

How to activate and deactivate Hbogo on Fire TV stick or Amazon fire TV?

deactivate Hbogo on Fire TV

If you are one of the prime Amazon fire TV or stick user, then streaming Hbogo could be the best option for you. Here is the way to activate and deactivate the service on the Amazon’s devices.

How is it going with your Amazon fire TV or fire TV stick? You must be wondering why I am asking this question to you. Well, if you are one of the fine users of the Amazon’s devices, then Amazon fire TV must be on your list and for the entertainment, hbogo is one of that option which can render the classic bunch of TV shows and movies on the on-demand basis only for the potential subscribers of the HBO service.

There is undoubtedly no doubt that Hbogo is one the best entertaining channel services which are best known to provide the dynamic lineup of content on your big screen. In the lineup of content, the channel service includes all the HBO content, whether it is the specials of the past and current, sports events, and various other programs, which are accessible through the main website or the app on different platforms, like smartphones, video game consoles, and digital media players.

As we mentioned above that you can also use the digital media players option to stream the content along with the mentioning of Amazon fire TV, which is one of the prime digital media players you can use up to watch out your favorite HBO content through the HBOgo app.

In order to stream your favorite content, all you need to do is to activate the HBOgo app on the Amazon fire TV or the fire TV stick. This is the reason we are here with the steps of activating and deactivating the HBOgo app on the mentioned Amazon devices.

Activating of the HBOgo app:   

1) Firstly, you need to head on to the downloading of the HBOgo app on the Amazon fire TV.

2) After that, head on to unlock the HBOgo on the Fire TV.

3) In order to get the activation code, you will require selecting “Activate Your Device”. You will require staying on the page until you don’t get the code on your computer.

4) Now head on to your computer and then head to

5) Head on to select “Amazon Fire TV” and then choose “Continue”.

6) Now you will require to select your TV provider and then simply enter the correct username and the password for your own TV provider account. If you are not aware of the username and password, then get in touch with your cable provider. In the case, if you witness that your TV provider is not in the list, then it would mean that they probably don’t support the HBOgo no the Amazon’s digital media player.

7) Now you will require entering the activation code on the screen of Activate a device screen.

8) After doing this, you should definitely get the success message on both of your computer and TV. In some instances, it may take a long time for the complete activation.

Note: Remember that the activation code gets expired after 15 minutes. So, if you counter such situation, head on to select “Get new code” and get the new code for the activation of the device.

Deactivating of the HBOgo app:

1) Firstly you will need to unlock the app on the Fire TV stick or Fire TV.

2) Simply head on to press the Menu button on the remote.

3) After that choose Settings, then Deactivate HBO GO, followed by Deactivate Now.

If get any query or tech bug, then simply navigate to HBO go help for expert assistance and solutions.