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How To Eliminate The Account Linking Problem Of Roku Player?

Account Linking Problem Of Roku Player

We are getting mails on a daily basis from so many Roku player users asking us the way to eliminate the linking problem. Considering your valuable mails, we are going to provide the solution to this problem through this blog post. If you are the one facing a same problem then you must read this blog post carefully and implement the way on your device.

Do you want to link the Roku player with the Roku account? If yes, then follow the below mentioned procedure. The process is quite simple and easy to understand. When I tried this solution on my Roku player then it successfully linked the player with my account through link code. I hope you will also able to troubleshoot your Roku linking problem. You cannot enjoy flawless streaming through Roku player, unless and until Roku link code is not linked.

Process to link a Roku player with an existing account

  1. Open the Roku com page and enter the link code in the box.
  2. Click on ‘submit’ after entering the code.
  3. Click on existing account user.
  4. Enter the valid Roku username and password.
  5. You will be prompted to enter the payment method gateway. Fill it or skip for a while.
  6. You can now add the channels in Roku home list.

Process to link a Roku player with fresh Roku account

  1. The first step of this process is similar to former process.
  2. Enter Roku link code and click on submit.
  3. You are now required to set up Roku account.
  4. Enter the details carefully and re-check it before submission.
  5. Select a password option to continue the linking process.
  6. Type the payment method details and then move to further step.
  7. Add channels from Roku channel list onto Roku home menu.

Your Roku player will now successfully linked with Roku link code and all the pre-installed and newly installed channels will automatically synchronized with the account.

If you are still receiving a code on the TV screen even after entering the code in Roku com link, then follow the steps explained below.

  1. Get into the Roku account from your web browser and check the linking status of your Roku player there. You need to enter the serial number of your Roku player in ‘my linked device’ menu to check the present status.
  2. If it is not linked, then send the request for a new code from help menu and enter it on Roku web link.
  3. If it is showing ‘linked successfully’ message there for your device, then wait for moment till the system update the information on Roku link.
  4. Restart the Roku device, in case it is not updating automatically.

Sometimes, the problem of linking is due to delay in updating the link and on the other side you keep on receiving the same message again and again. In such case, you need to wait for a while because the Roku server may undergo monthly maintenance at that time, so it respond slowly within that time period. Yes, if you need immediate assistance, then you can go to Roku com link. You will get complete information about your problem on this link.

When you notice that there is no link code appeared on the screen and server keep on fetching the message, then in such case send a request for new link code. You will get code on your screen within next few minutes. For more help and support, visit www Roku help link page.

If you received a link code and the page is not accepting it, then this means that there is problem with your link code. Get a new code from the site. This case mainly happens when you take too much time to enter the code on the page because there is expiry time of every Roku link code. It expires after certain period of time. If you are not able to enter the code within specified time, then you need to restart the player by restoring it to factory default settings.