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How To Eradicate Windows 10 Hulu App Not Working Problem?

With Hulu video-streaming app, you can watch videos or TV shows through app or browser. However, the things don’t go as it is. There are some people who are getting the problem in streaming videos through windows 10 app. If you are getting the problem in streaming video through Hulu app for Windows 10, then keep reading the potential fixes.

1. Check if Hulu is down: You may receive ‘Playback failure’ message on the screen. This is due to outage problem at the server level. You can’t solve this issue on your own.

To check the outage problem, open Hulu server page and check the status. You can check status if you are getting ‘ not reachable’. Just wait for a while till the service get restored.

2.Open windows store troubleshooter: The windows app troubleshooter is a system that you can use to fix the windows 10 installed apps. The steps to open the windows store app troubleshooter are:

  • Click ‘Search’ from the bottom left of the screen and enter ‘Cortana’.
  • To open troubleshoot the system, enter the same keyword in the search system tray.
  • Click on troubleshooter to open the settings from troubleshooter list.
  • Click on ‘windows store app’ and press to the Run troubleshooter.  You can open the window directly from the snapshot.
  • You need to go through on-screen instructions to fix the problem.

3.Restart your laptop and desktop: Sometimes, the Windows 10 OS based laptop and desktop don’t configure connection settings when you started. To fix this, you can restart the laptop by first turning it off then turning it on. You can turn off the laptop from ‘Start menu’ or by directly pressing a Windows+R key from the keyboard. Furthermore, restart all the network devices like modem and router and wait for a minute before turning on the device again.

4.Re-install Hulu: When you install a new Hulu app, all the cache data from the existing app on your Windows 10 computer will be deleted and the new data will work fine for streaming videos.

5.Disable DRM: There is some content that requires special permission from DRM or Digital rights management or it sometimes blocks some content due to some restrictions. In order to watch such content, you must disable the DRM first and check if you are able to cast the content from Windows 10 Hulu app or not. To disable this, go to Hulu settings from the Hulu app and click on the gear icon. Here, you can toggle the DRM off or on.

6.Close background apps: Maybe background apps or processing running in your computer are affecting the video streaming through Hulu app. To get rid of this, you must close all the background running processes and app from windows 10 computer. Antivirus utilities with a firewall are the primary background apps that can restrict the Hulu working. It can also slow down the loading times. Close all the background running apps that are not in use currently.  The steps to close background apps are:

  • Right click on ‘Taskbar’ and select the app from the list of apps.
  • You need to filter apps according to the Alphabetical arrangement.
  • There are some third-party apps that always started running on its own without any intimation.  Look at these apps and stop them at once.



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