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How To Fix Different Problems Encountered On HBO Now?

If you don’t want to miss the single action of New games of thrones season or Westworld, then we are going to suggest some troubleshooting tips, which will help you in fixing most of the issues encountered while streaming HBO now.

While watching Games of Thrones, you may come across different issues. Sometimes, HBO site gets crashed or sometimes, you may get buffering issues or bugs and problems.

Today, we are going to solve the different problems like a sign-in problem, App not opening, Video problem, HDCP, and Audio problem reported on different platforms like Android, Xbox, and Apple.

How to fix the Sign-in problem of HBO Now:

If you have forgotten the email address you used to login to the HBO now account, then you can send your query for the same at

·         Summary of the issue.

·         Your first and last name.

·         Postal or ZIP code.

·         A valid copy of subscription you have taken for your HBO account. You need to attach the receipt along with the mail as a proof.

If you are facing problem in signing into HBO now from the computer, then try login from your phone. The problem may be due to a subscription. If the problem limited to the browser of your computer only, then you can try the below mentioned tips.

1.       Try login from a different browser. If you are using chrome, then try Mac or Mozilla.

2.       If this doesn’t solve your purpose, then you need to clear the cookies of your browser. After this, restart your browser and try login to the HBO now again. If this doesn’t help you, you can clear browser cache.

How to fix HBO now App problem

If you are getting the problem with the Hulu app on iPad, iPhone or Android, then here are some steps to fix this problem.

Check if your App is up-to-date or not. HBO keeps on updating the app so as to remove the bugs and fixes from the previous version.

You are required to update the OS version of your phone as well. You can download the latest update from the respective OS used in your device. The latest version for Android is Oreo.

HBO now video problems

Are you getting sound but no video on screen? If yes, then there might be some issue with the wireless or cellular data. This problem normally occurs due to a bad internet connection.

Check the connection by connecting other devices to the same network. If you are getting sufficient speed on it, then it means there is a problem with the HBO server or with the streaming device.

If the problem is on your computer, then you need to stop all the apps running on your computer and restart them. If you don’t find any picture or video on the mobile screen, then restart your mobile and check if the problem is resolved or not.

Check the Adobe flash player version installed in your computer. If an update is available, download it immediately and install in your computer.

How to fix HDCP Error on HBO Now?

If occasionally you are getting HDCP error on screen, then you need to follow the below-mentioned guide.

While streaming HBO Now on the screen, if you come across HDCP error all of a sudden, then you can fix this error within a few seconds.

Check the cables whether these are properly connected or not. If you are getting the problem on your PC, then make sure you are using the updated version of drivers. You can update the drivers from the PCB manufacturer’s website.

If you are facing this problem on any other device with HBO now app installed in it, then you can close the app and open it again.