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How to fix the HBO GO on your TiVo device?

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All HBO subscribers, how your streaming is going with your ultimate HBO GO channel? The classic HBO GO channel of HBO has been one of the top streaming platforms along with the other streaming services in the market. With the bunch of fascinating features, services, and amazing HBO’s content, the channel service has also been a preferable choice for all the worldwide HBO users.

The channel is responsible for delivering the lineup of all the HBO’s past and current episodes of TV shows and movies to all the HBO subscribers. So, if you are not an HBO subscriber, then head on to get subscribed to the channel and then head to HBO GO com activate for activating your HBO GO account easily.

Apart from watching the channel on you big screen, if you are a prime holder of TiVo device, then you can also have the channel service on the classic streaming device. Along with the streaming, you will also be able to record your favorite shows for watching the specific lineup of shows later. Well, if you have already started streaming the channel on your TiVo box and getting some unavoidable streaming issues, then check out the lineup of solutions to provide you a problem free streaming experience.

Apart from the reasons behind the streaming issues, you can try out the below-mentioned steps to fix the problem-

Step 1- Checking out the status of the network- This is the first thing that you can try out in the solutions.

  • Firstly, just go to your remote and press the TiVo button to head to the TiVo Central.
  • After that, head on to choose “Settings & Messages- Settings- Network and View Network Status.

In the case, if the page of Network Status shows a numeric IP address, then the test would be successful.

Step 2- Restarting of the TiVo device- This is the second step in the chain of solutions.

  • Firstly, head on to unplug the power from the network devices (router, modem, ).
  • Now, head on to relink the power to the modem and then the router. Before heading to link the other device, just give some time to each device for getting power up.
  • Now, head on to restart the device and then sign in to your HBO GO and then try out to play any video.

Step 3- Uninstallation and installation of HBO GO-

  • First of all, head on to press the TiVo button on the remote and then head to the TiVo Central.
  • Now, just go to choose the “Settings & Messages- Settings- Channels- My Video Providers.”
  • Head on to clear the check box of HBO GO.
  • Just head to restarting of the device.
  • Now, go to your TiVo device and then head back to the “TiVo Central- Settings & Messages- Settings- Channels- My Video Providers.”
  • After that, just head on to choose the check box of HBO GO.
  • Lastly, head to start HBO GO and check out whether the problem is resolved or not.

After following these fixing steps, if you experience any tech or streaming bug with the channel on your device, then just head to the HBO help to get the professional help from the team of experts.