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How To Get Rid Of Annoying Error 1006 From Netflix Screen?

Some of the Netflix Com Activate users have been continuously reporting an issue with the Netflix streaming. They said that they are getting error 1006 on their streaming screen and won’t be able to stream content through iPhone. However, they have tried to fix this problem on their own but didn’t get success. Today, keeping their comments or discussion in mind, we are going to suggest some ways which will help them in fixing this error code. After reading this post, you don’t find any need to call at Netflix support number for further help.

Before starting with the steps, we want to mention the reason behind this error that why you get this error on Netflix screen. The primary reason for this error is poor internet connectivity. If the internet speed is poor or limited, you will get this error. To check or improve the speed, we suggest you disconnect all other devices from the same wireless networks and try streaming content from Netflix.

Another reason why you getting this error on the screen is the Netflix app. If the app is not properly installed or some of the files are missing on the app, then the chances of getting this error are maximum. Now, we hope you must have understood the reasons behind this error. We will now discuss steps to ameliorate the streaming performance and eradicate error 1006 from the screen. Read all steps carefully before implementing them on your device.

  1. Rebooting: This is the first step to troubleshoot the error. Rebooting the device means powering off the device and wait for some time to turn it on again. For this, unplug the device from the supply and connect it back the supply after a time gap of 15 minutes. This will refresh the memory of the device.
  2. Reset Network settings: To reset the current network settings of your wireless connection, the below mentioned steps must be followed.
  • Open device settings.
  • Go to the general option from the settings.
  • Here, a ‘Reset’ option will appear on the screen. Click to reset.
  • When you click on Reset option, all the network settings will come to default settings.
  • Try streaming Netflix content now from Netflix com page. If you are able to stream content, then it means your device is getting proper internet speed.
  1. Reinstall the Netflix app: If there is some problem reported in the app, then uninstall it from the device and install the fresh copy of it from the app store. You can download the app easily from Android or iOS market. For a direct link, you can go to Netflix com download option from official page.
  2. Hard reset: If you are still getting the problem, then you can try hard resetting of your media streaming player. Follow the steps mentioned below:
  • Press the Home button along with the power button of your device. This will open the Reset menu. Click to turn off the device. There is no as such hard resetting option available in iPhone. You can only turn it off and on.
  • Reset the network settings.

Now, you are to delete the app from the phone and install it from apple market. To activate Netflix, go to Netflix Activate the link and enter the details you have in your hands.


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