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How to recognize a charge to your Roku account?

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While looking over the charges for your Roku streaming, sometimes you won’t be able to understand the charge. Thus today here we will discuss the steps to identify the reason for that charge and get a closer view for what you are being billed.

All new Roku users initially need to create an account, and while creating this Roku account, they need to set up a payment mode to process the bills for the content they will view. This payment method is essential to facilitate the purchasing and renting of movies and shows from different streaming channels. It is helpful in maintaining a record of all the purchased and rented history which can be useful for looking over if ever in future you don’t remember the reason for any particular charge. If you are also not able to remember any specific charge on your Roku bill, then just go through the following procedure to look over the detailed view of billing content.

To see the charges one should open the purchase history of their Roku account. Every charge to the payment method will come along a respective invoice. Go through the following steps to open up the Invoice.

  • Open the web browser on any of your computer or smartphone devices.
  • Type in as the URL. 
  • Click on “Sign in” to open up the respective Roku account.
  • Once you are logged into that Roku account, move down to the option “View the purchase history.” You can find this on the “My account” page.
  • Locate the invoice that lies closest to the date of the Charge which you are unable to recognize. Now try to identify the Charge by matching the amount of charge with the available values. Remember that the time of the Charge might be reflected after a short delay which may vary from some hour and even a day or two, so the Charge for every particular content will belong to older viewing history.
  • After the invoice opens up, it will clearly show you the reason for that Charge. If in case you face any problem while seeing it, then immediately get Roku help.

Ensure you don’t possess any “Authorization hold” or any “Pending Charge.”

Many of the existing banking institutions tend to reflect an “Authorization hold” or the “Pending Charge” if you do online banking. These holds and Charges never affect the amount of balance present in your account.

The Authorization hold for Zero dollars is used to test your payment method and ensure if it is working or not. This check is done from Roku’s end to ensure the account is correct and is capable of processing payments or not.

The Pending Charges are reflected when Roku try to make sure that the account associated with its payment method has enough sufficient funds for processing the payments for bills. So if ever you see any of these two charges on your account, then you should neglect them as they won’t affect you at all.

If you have more than one Roku account, then you need to follow the same procedure for all the Roku accounts. This way you can understand and get a closer view of your Roku bills, and for more help options you should always head to Roku Support and get assisted in the best possible way.

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