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How to Troubleshoot Different Issues on Roku 3 Media Player?

Roku 3 model is a media streaming model, which provides you an access to online videos and movies from your favorite channels. In case, you are getting problems in watching TV shows or any other content, then you can follow the below-mentioned tricks.

  1. No Wi-Fi connectivity: If there is a problem connecting Roku to the network, then the following things can be a possible reason behind it.
  • Incorrect login information: Information entered by you to login to the home Wi-Fi network is incorrect or the username is not known to you. To fix this issue, you need to confirm your username and password first, then enter in the field.
  • Wi-Fi out of range: This problem generally arises, when there are too many hindrances in-between router and the Roku device. We recommend you to place the router in open so that the signal doesn’t get affected by the walls, buildings or windows. If there is an antenna available for the Router hardware, then change its orientation to get the maximum signal strength at your location. This will definitely help you in fixing the network coverage problem.
  • Rebooting is required: If the above-mentioned steps don’t solve your glitch, then you can perform rebooting function on your devices. Power cycle your network device and Roku by disconnecting it from the power supply. Connect both the devices again to the supply after a gap of 5 seconds. Check if the problem is resolved or not.
  • Wrong IP address: Check the IP address of your router. If there is a need to change it, then go to ‘Settings’ from the router manufacturer page.
  1. Low video quality: Following things may oppose you to watch high-quality content from your Roku device.
  • Weak connection between Roku 3 and router: If there is a weak connection between Roku 3 and Router, then you will find a quality issue on video streaming. It is recommended to place Roku3 away from the devices which emit electromagnetic radiations.
  • The speed of internet connection: The speed of internet connection should be 3 Mbps minimum for seamless streaming of videos. Yes, if you want to watch high-quality videos, then 10 Mbps is required.
  1. Remote not working: The permanent steps to fix the remote responding problem are:
  • Replace the batteries: This is the first step to troubleshoot remote related problem. Replace old batteries and check if the new batteries have started working or not. You can check this by noticing the LED light glowing on the top of it. If the problem still continues, then go to next troubleshooting step.
  • Pairing problem: Pairing of remote with Roku device is required to control all the functions from it. To start pairing, click the purple button on the remote and hold it for 3 seconds. A dialog box will then appear on the screen. Read on-screen instructions carefully.
  • Restart Roku and remote: To restart Roku remote, you need to remove the batteries from the back compartment and re-insert them. In the same way, restart Roku by disconnecting it from the power supply and connect it back to the source after 5 seconds.
  • Clear Remote: To clear the remote, firstly remove the batteries from the remote compartment and insert them back. After inserting the batteries, click on pairing button. You will find this button in the center. Click A, B button together. An LED will start flashing on the remote depicting the device is properly paired.

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