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In What Ways You Can Troubleshoot The Frozen Kindle Or Restarting Problem?

Kindle frozen problem

We have been receiving frequent complaints from Kindle users regarding their kindle restarting and rebooting problem. This problem leads to frequent stammering of Amazon E-reader.  Most of the users have tried to solve this problem by getting into the option ‘manage kindle devices’ but all went in vain. So keeping this thing in mind, we are going to provide the solution to this problem through this blog post. There is no need to take Amazon kindle support from the site any further.

1. When your Kindle Freezes or doesn’t work

When you face this problem with your amazon kindle, then we will advise you to first perform the Kindle firmware update. If you still faces the same problem, then the problem might be in the software that you have installed recently. In such cases, we advise you to contact Amazon kindle customer service number.


The resolution to this problem is common for all the kindle models I: e Kindle 3, 4 and paperwhite model. The solution is simple and easy to understand. The very first solution to this problem is same as we have discussed in the above passage updating a software version of E-reader. There are two ways to update a system. One way is to use Kubrick software. It will easily burn into CD or to flash drive with the help of USB ports. Another way to update the E-reader is via Freescale advanced tool. It is important to remind you here that you must restart the PC after installation. For more help and support go to Amazon kindle support page or Kindle download page.

Way to fix the frozen kindle

If your PC has window XP installed in it, then you won’t be able to load Kubrick software in this PC because window XP doesn’t support this software with USB port 1.0. If you try to update your E-reader through this software, then you keep on getting the failure message on the screen. The best way to get out of this problem is to use the Freescale advanced tool software that support window XP operating system. You will able to go through in first attempt. I want to mention here that it will be good for you to use updated windows in your OS so as to get supported by both the software.

This method is useful for all the kindle models. There is no need to take fire series model support from kindle fire support help dedicated link. The complete guide is available on the single link only. If you are yet facing the problem, then the problem might be in the hardware of your E-reader.

How to remove the restarting/rebooting problem from Kindle

You can solve this problem by opening your kindle with the help of screwdriver or knife. To open the back cover, loose the screws with the help of tool and remove the frame from the back gently. All the cabinet will get opened except for power buttons available on the right hand side. You must notice the way in which you have opened the screws so that you can tighten it later in the same way.

Check the screws of your circuit board, if all the three screws are properly fixed, then its ok otherwise tighten the screws properly. Otherwise it will lead to short circuit of board. Don’t forget to clean the board with soft cotton cloth. This will remove the dust particles if available any.

The problem of short circuiting is even common in original cases of kindle. Sometimes, when the paws are not connected properly, then the short circuits takes place during the break-up of connection between the charger and battery. You must ensure that the two paws must not come in contact with each other as this also results in short circuiting. Go to Kindle Help page and know how to enter the credentials again after assembling the kindle.