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Kindle Oasis Battery Charging Problem Confirmed Even By The New Customers


We are frequently receiving the same battery charging issue emails on our web link. All the existing as well as new customers are complaining of same problem, which they are facing in their kindle oasis battery case cover. They have written in their emails that they were not able to charge their amazon kindle oasis model through the battery case cover. They have taken kindle support from the official website as well but all the tries went in vain.

Today, I am going to discuss this problem with you and what are the general views of new as well as old customers in relation to this problem. There were people, who were using more than one kindle models at home for their convenience but they have received this charging error message only on the Kindle oasis one. I want to add here that kindle oasis model is one of the expensive model in kindle family. This model is packed with bundle of features that you will not find in any other model. The best feature that is covered in this model is magnetic charging. In which there is no direct connection between the charger and the kindle, everything is connected magnetically through the kindle battery case. 5 pin connector is provided at the back battery case cover, through which power supply is provided to the device for charging. If you want to enjoy all these feature, then you will have to pay $290 for it.

Now we are going to discuss the different users experience with their kindle oasis model in the below mentioned passages

One of the existing user has written about his kindle oasis model on kindle com support link stating that his kindle oasis kept on turning on and off after several minutes from the charging. He has found that the battery of his kindle is not charging and it is showing ‘low battery’ message on the kindle screen. Even he had tried the possible kindle help from many sources, but not able to expel this problem. He has explained his sorrow by saying that he has spent $290 just for the comfortability but the output result was not satisfactory.

Even I am also having the Kindle oasis model for E-reading along with other kindle fire model, but I have never ever faced this such problem on any other kindle model other than on kindle oasis model. I charged my kindle oasis fully and start using it for reading E-book. Everything was going smooth and ok but on third day, when I tried to start my kindle oasis, then it kept on giving me the same warning message on the screen “connect charger battery low” even after connecting the battery case with the charger. I tried every solution available online and even took help from amazon kindle support link but everything went in vain.

Another new user of this model also commented in negative on the official website by saying that the connection between the case and battery is so sophisticated that no one can connect kindle oasis battery case easily with the battery and charger. He has tried to connect battery case to the charger so many times but didn’t get success. He also affirmed that this defective connection problem is being faced only in this model, where as other models are easily connected with the charger. Kindle fire support normal charging rather than magnetic charging.

One of the kindle oasis user shared his experience about the kindle model on www kindle com support link. He explained that his device displays the error message occasionally. He doesn’t get the message when he charges his kindle by placing on the flat cable, but when charging the kindle while holding it in hand, then receive the error message. He even contacted the kindle customer service team for this problem but didn’t get positive reply.