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Know The Easy Steps To Download And Record HBO Go Series & Movie Offline

If you are binge-watcher of HBO Go shows but unfortunately you don’t have an internet connection to connect to the HBO Go server, then there is nothing to create panic. You can download the shows and watch them later. We are going to discuss the complete guide with you.

1st option: With the help of PlayOn cloud Mobile streaming DVR App we can record HBO GO

We can easily download and record from newly launched PlayOn cloud App for Android and iOS devices. You can start recording the show or movie from the phone itself. You will be notified once the downloading gets completed. You will find the downloading stored in the cloud locker from where you can download it on any other device.

2nd option: Record HBO Go through play On Desktop on PC

PlayOn Desktop is a software meant for PC for storing the content from HBO server directly on DVR. Your computer will act as a streaming DVR. You can record any movie, show or series of the episode. The working of this DVR is similar to that of DVR hardware. You can store .mp4 format videos and transfer it to any device without any hassle. With just one click, you can download the complete series of the show or top-rated movies from HBO Go when you are online and watch them later on your device.

Steps to download the PlayOn on desktop

  1. Download PlayOn for windows on your computer by right-clicking the ‘Save file’. Click to start installing .exe file. You are prompted to follow the on-screen instructions and record videos in just a moment.
  2. Enter username and password for your cable provider to log in to HBO Go.

Go to ‘Channels’ and locate HBO Go from the channel list. You are required to open ‘Settings’.

  1. Search for HBO movie or show you want to record and click on ‘Record’ button. Just enter the keywords in the search bar and browse the channel to search for titles. Click to start recording the show. This is how you can record the HBO Go show. If you want to add more than one show, then you can more titles in the queue.
  2. Now, you can do whatever you want on your PC. The PlayOn software will keep on recording the show without any problem. You can minimize it. Once the recording gets completed, you will be notified for the same.

Once the video gets recorded, you can do the following:

  • Download the show or movie on iPad, iPhone through iTunes button. To watch ad-free content, you can download PlayOn mobile app on iPhone.
  • Download the HBO Go video onto your android phone by moving from PC through windows file explorer. Watch-ad free with the same app as we have told for iPhone.
  • Watch videos on TV by just pressing the Cast button from the PlayOn PC console. This is possible with the media streaming player.
  • If you have a Roku media player, then you can watch HBO Go recording from PlayOn channel available on the Roku store. The downloaded file must be in .mp4 format. You can watch it on any device from anywhere.


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