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Solve ‘Blank Screen’ Or ‘Video Playback Issues’ on HBO Go

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It is understandable that a person who is looking forward to watching his/her favorite content on HBO comes across a blank screen or video playback issues, then he/she is not going to feel good. HBO doesn’t get malfunction that frequently, but when it does, people should have the option of getting it fixed in a quick time.

HBO Go is a wonderful streaming app that contains all the contents broadcasted on HBO network. But, when the screen goes blank after launching HBO GO app or when video playback error is displayed, then things get a little topsy-turvy. We in this blog post will try to find how to get rid of this problem in the simplest of the ways.

The first and the easiest way to troubleshoot this problem if your HBOGo activate device has stopped working suddenly is:

  1. Exit all the windows on your computer and restart them.
  2. Sign onto www and try watching videos again.

If the problem of the blank screen still exists, then you need to go through the below-mentioned fixing steps.

Step 1: Check the browser firmware version

HBO Go streaming service supports only limited number of browsers for casting the contents on your computer. The complete list of the browser is available on the website.  You can check it on the HBO go help link as well. If you have installed more than one browser on your PC, then try playing the movies through a different browser. Before playing the contents, you need to check the firmware version of the browser. If you are using HBO GO Roku, then you should check the firmware version of your Roku device as well.

Step 2: Clear browser cache

Occasionally, clearing the old files and cache from the system may fix the video playback problem. To clear the cache from the system, follow the steps mentioned here as under:

  1. To clear the cache on your Chrome browser, simply go to help link and type ‘clear cache’ in the search field. The whole process will then get displayed on the screen.
  2. Close the browser after step one and restart your browser again.
  3. Again activate your service by clicking on HBOGo com activate link and try playing videos again.

Step 3: Flash player and browser settings

  1. This must be ensured that latest version of Adobe Flash Player is installed in your browser. If you are not sure with the version, then you can go to official Adobe player page. Check for updates from there and click on ‘update’ option if it is not grayed
  2. All the third party cookies must be enabled on your computer and your browser plugins must be installed properly. Any missing plugin will result in video playback problem. Do turn off the private or incognito mode of your browser. If any other plug-in or add-ins are installed in your browser that is not related to the adobe flash player, then disable it or uninstall them.
  3. After changing the configurations of your browser, close it and restart it. Use HBO Go account now and start playing videos now.

Step 4: Clear all the flash player cache

Follow the below-mentioned steps to clear the cache of Adobe flash player:

  1. Right-click on the paused video and click on ‘Global settings’.
  2. Open the storage panel of your web page from the ‘Settings manager’.
  3. Delete all the old pages of your web link and click ‘ok’ to confirm it.
  4. Close the browser and launch it again.
  5. If the problem is solved, then it’s ok otherwise, go to HBO GO help and support link for further troubleshooting and diagnosis.

Step 5: Reset License Files of Flash player

After you register your device on HBO Go link, there is no need to deactivate or reset your HBO settings, simply reset your flash player files from your PC. These are available under ‘Protected contents’ sections of your flash player settings. If the problem is still not resolved, then do try the following steps on different browsers:

  • Flash player for Firefox.
  • Adobe flash player for Google Chrome.
  • Videos playback issue in internet explorer.

If you are using HBO Go Apple TV, then the steps get changed a bit, so get in touch with HBO GO help and support providers to know the process of playing HBO GO on Apple TV.

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