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Home » To Set Up Your Roku And Netflix Visit Roku Com Link Activation

To Set Up Your Roku And Netflix Visit Roku Com Link Activation

To Set Up Your Roku And Netflix Visit Roku Com Link Activation

Are you a Roku users and finding an obstacle in setting up Netflix on your Roku, then we have some genuine and simple steps regarding Netflix setup.

We all know this popular name Roku, a praising device of United Sates with highest ranking and as we know Roku offer an immense pack of entertainment if we are talking about entertainment then how can we forget the name of Netflix. So if you don’t how to set up Netflix on your Roku, then here we have some facile steps for you.

Roku Connection:

  1. As we know that HD television has connectors for HDMI cables. Now firstly you need to make a connection between your television and Roku with the help of HDMI wire. Insert your network cable to the port of network on your Roku make the connection between the opposite end and your router. Wireless connections need wireless network and security password after turning everything on.
  2. Turn on the television and Roku, to start the process of setup. Select ‘wired’ or ‘Wireless’ as your network connection. The wireless choice continues to the network name and password display before linking to your hood network and your finish the setup procedure once it reboots. If you’re new to Roku, then you can get in touch with professionals in case you don’t understand the process of Roku account setup

Netflix Connection:

  1. First, you need to select the Netflix icon on your TV display with the help of Roku remote to begin Netflix.
  2. Follow the steps on the screen for an activation that you put on the website of Netflix.
  3. Fill the suitable credential on Netflix by stepping ahead to ‘Your Account & Help’ and scroll down to ‘Watching instantly on your television or computer.’ Make a click on ‘Activate a Netflix Ready Device’ fill up the activation code offered by Roku.
  4. Now you need to verify that your Netflix account is recognizable to Roku and that activation code worked. Now you’re to stream your favourite content.

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