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Why Are Comcast Users Not Able To Access HBO Go Again?

Comcast with HBO GO

People using Comcast services can’t use HBO Go. This happened last year as well, and the issue hasn’t been resolved yet. Comcast users were screwed last year as well regarding the same issue, and it has come all the way back. There is no timeframe given by Comcast as to when HBO Go would be accessible on its platform.

HBO Go is now available on many platforms. People using PlayStation 4 can also access HBO Go now, but they need to have Comcast service in order to use the app. If people are using cable service, then they won’t be able to use HBO Go until they subscribe to Comcast service. Cable services don’t support Comcast, and it is not known as to when they will start supporting Comcast. People have tried doing HBO activate process, but the problem seems to be something else.

In an interview given to a top online news website, Comcast has confirmed that people who have no access to its service can’t use HBO Go on PS4. There is no use of taking any HBO Go help, as that will be completely useless.

In the present scenario, Comcast users can’t go beyond the activation process. The only way to access HBO Go in PlayStation 4 is by authenticating the subscription. People would require their login credentials for that. This process is quite simple and is also similar to HBOGo com activate process. The activation process involves certain steps that everybody will have to perform when they have to choose HBO provider from the list when Comcast is not present on the list. Here is how everything will take place.

People who have subscribed to Comcast have also received Home Box Office goodies like many people, but this is not the first time that they have got such thing. It was in December, 2016 when HBO Go brought the same program on Amazon Fire TV. But, an interesting thing at that time was the absence of Comcast customers from the program. Many people have also consulted HBO support, but they got no info.

Some people also heard of the news in which it was believed that Comcast is in the process of negotiation with Amazon Fire TV, which will allow its customers to access apps on Fire TV. A bad news is that those discussions are still under process. Comcast users who want to access HBO Go app will have to consider using Roku devices because only Roku devices are supporting HBO Go app. Even on Roku devices, it is important to perform HBO Go activate process just like other devices.

People are only aware of the thing that are out in the open. They are completely unware of what been going behind the scenes. The reason why Comcast users are not being able to use HBO Go is due to bad politics that is going on between the companies. Customers aren’t buying this problem with HBO streaming service and they are thinking of it as pretty lame.

Paying for a cable services seem to be quite justified when people can get HBO Go activate device on their TV sets. There has been a cable-free HBO option available to the people, and so, they just need to worry about sports related channels. If they are able to get the sports channels, then things will get back to normal.