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Why Netflix App Doesn’t Work In Windows 10?

Netflix can be accessed on Windows 10, as Netflix app is available in Windows App Market. Many people have installed Netflix on Windows 10, but when they tried to access it, nothing happened. The app didn’t open, and they couldn’t see any of their favorite digital content.

Netflix app is available in Windows 10 for quite some time, and a decent number of Windows users are using the app without any issue. But, there is a small faction of Netflix users who are facing issues while accessing Netflix. The app isn’t working on their system, and they have tried multiple things to fix the issue, but it persists. Netflix is a streaming platform that contains more than 100 million hours of movies and TV shows. Having Netflix app installed on your device means having a gamut of entertainment in your palms. But, what’s the use when Netflix isn’t working, right? So, if you are dealing with a non-functional Netflix and want to restore its functionality, then here is what you are going to do.

Solution 1: Download Flixter

There are two DLL files that you need to operate Netflix Activate on Windows 10, which are; VClibs120 and PlayReadyClient2. These files are installed automatically with the installation of Netflix app in Windows 10. But, if Netflix has been installed by you in the past, then these files are already present in the system, and won’t be installed again when you install Netflix again. But, the thing is that two files aren’t actually there in the system, and you need those two DLL files to access Netflix in Windows 10. Here is how you can fix this problem:

  1. Uninstall Netflix app from your computer/laptop.
  2. Open ‘Windows Store’.
  3. In ‘Windows Store’ you will have to find ‘Flixter’ app.
  4. Install the app and then, search for ‘Netflix’ in the Windows app store.
  5. Install ‘Netflix’ app.

Solution 2: Install Windows Updates (If there is any available)

If you haven’t updated your Windows in the recent times, then you should perhaps do it. If there are any updates to install, then you should do it at once because problems like the one with Netflix usually arise due to the outdated operating system. Here is what you will have to do to check if there are Windows Updates available:

  1. Open ‘Start Menu’ followed by opening ‘Windows Update’ section.
  2. Open ‘Windows Update’ app and then, click ‘Check for Update’.
  3. If there is any update to download and install, then do it at once.

There is a software named ‘Silverlight’ that you must install in order to display videos smoothly on the web.

Solution 3: Check and update display drivers

You need to check if the display drivers installed on your system have gone outdated. If they have, then you need to update the drivers because running anything on outdated drivers could lead to multiple issues. You can go to ‘Device Manager’ and then, find out which display drivers are installed on your PC. Click ‘update driver’, and if there is any update available for the display drivers, then those will be installed.

Solution 4: Uninstall and Reinstall Netflix app

If Netflix app is installed on your system, though in a non-working state, then get rid of the app. Uninstall it and then, get a fresh copy of the app from Windows app store. This will fix the problem.

Solution 5: Use another multimedia player

You can use a multimedia player such as GOM player to access, as that player has got its own special set of codecs that will help play the videos much better.

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